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Amazon Tonic

Amazon Tonic

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Discusfood  Amazon Tonic is a disease prevention.

- antiparasitic

- antifungicide

- antibacterial

- improves healing

- pure natural

Amazon Tonic contains valuable and highly effective phytochemicals. During rainy season large amounts of natural substances (e.g. tannins) are washed into waters. Many freshwater creatures are best adapted to these substances. Their positive effects are scientifically proven and form the basis of naturopathy. Amazon Tonic brings these biological effects into aquariums.

- Amazon Tonic effects antibacterial and antiparasitic

- fungus infection on spawn is prevented

- improves spawning readiness

- Amazon Tonic protects the mucous membrane

- preserves the immune system in natural way

- reduces the germ load of water

- Amazon Tonic ensures natural conditions in soft water biotopes

- provides effective disease-prophylaxis

- does not colourise the water

Amazon Tonic is a product from pure natural extracts of specific tree barks and plants from South America. Indigenous peoples use their active ingredients as natural remedies for many diseases.


Amazon Tonic is safe and easy to use. Recommended dosage 10 ml per 100 l. If fish feel unwell or for regular prophylaxis re-dose 10 ml per 100 l. Even a multiple overdose is harmless for fish. Optimally in combination with Natural Humin (Discusfood items no. 25102 & 25105).