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Angelfish Super Growth

Angelfish Super Growth

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FDiscusfood Angelfish Super Growth Granules.

Feeding advice:
Feed this food daily in small portion

Protein 57%, oil 15%, fibre 0,4%, grude ash 11%, spirulina 1% Additive per kg:
Vitamin D3 (E671) 700 I.E.
Ferric-sulfate-Monohydrat (E1) 56mg
Calziumiodate, anhydros(E2) 2,8mg coppersulfate-penta-hydrate (E4) 8mg Manganesesulfat-Monohydrat (E5) 21mg Zincsulfat-Monohydrat (E6) 140mg
Antioxidants: 95mg
Further EG-Additives
Fish- and fish-byproducts,
cerals, meat and animal byproducts, vegetables, oils and fats, spirulina (2%), barms.