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Manaus Aquarium  Bilocil, for treating Skin Flukes, Gill Flukes and Tapeworm.

BILOCIL ® is the drug of choice for treating all adult (adult) cichlids ( cichlids ), Livebearers toothcarps ( Poeciliinae ), gourami (labyrinth fish, Anabantoidei ) and other carp-like.BILOCIL ®is well tolerated by shrimp.

BILOCIL ® is a new development of Manaus Aquarium with the active compounds: N- [3-chloro-4- (4-chlorophenoxy) phenyl] -2-hydroxy-3,5-diiodobenzamide and ( RS ) -2- (cyclohexylcarbonyl) - 2,3,4,6,7,11b-hexahydro-1 H -pyrazino [2,1-a] isoquinolin-4-one to the successful treatment of monogeneans (skin and gill flukes) diseased fish.

BILOCIL ® frees the fish effectively and demonstrably of egg-laying Dactylogyrus species and viviparous Gyrodactylus-species and in addition has a reducing effect on flagellates in the intestines of the fish with the worm treatment.

Cichlids, especially discus fish are often heavily from gill flukes (Dactylogyrus spp.) Affected. These parasitic infections are untreated responsible for a slow go away of animals to death. Juveniles and small fish die in a massive attack after a short time the parasites. It is useful to the parents before preparation for breeding with BILOCIL ® to treat.

Quite small, young discus until the age of 3 months, be with our product BILOCIL ® sensitive treated.

Livebearing skin worms (Gyrodactylus spp.) Are often a problem in all viviparous ornamental fish like

Guppy, Platy- and heavy vehicle types, as well as well gouramis (labyrinth fish) are attacked. In our microscopic studies of animals in wholesale and retail fish were not uncommon with a high infestation density. There were also directly imported from Brazil red neon ( Paracheirodon axelrodi ) found with a strong attack on monogeneans.

Skin and gill flukes are still a major problem at importers, distributors and breeders of ornamental fish.

In preliminary tests at an ornamental fish importer and in several large discus farms in Germany have been proven successful effect of was BILOCIL ® tested.

  • The preparation is characterized by a very rapid therapeutic response and a very good compatibility with the fishes.
  • BILOCIL ® is free of polymeric solubilizers .
  • BILOCIL ® not discolored and turbid (bacterial bloom) not the aquarium water