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Manaus Aquarium  OCTOCIL is a new development of Manaus Aquarium with the active ingredients 5-nitrothiazole-2-amine, N- [3-chloro-4- (4-chlorophenoxy) phenyl] -2-hydroxy-3,5-diiodobenzamide und3,9- diamine-7-ethoxy-acridinium (RS) lactate to the successful treatment of intestinal flagellates diseased fish. The drug combination is stabilized by a special process, thus achieving optimal fish in treating water.

OCTOCIL frees your fish effectively intestinal flagellates and flagellates in the blood through the systemic effect of the drug. Cichlids, especially discus and angelfish can be massively attacked in the gut of flagellates as Cryptobia, hexamita, Spironucleus and Trichomonas. Intestinal parasites are and escape the gut of the host animal (fish) nutrients and subsequently lead to inflammatory processes and changes in the fish intestine.

OCTOCIL kills successfully this protozoan parasite in fish in the treatment and achieved encapsulated stages of pathogens at the bottom of the aquarium. During the treatment the fish begin to take on the offered food again.

OCTOCIL should be applied preventively in a quarantine aquarium with newly acquired fishing.

When breeding discus and angelfish can OCTOCIL be used in the treatment of juveniles to reach flagellaten- free fish stocks.

  • The preparation is characterized by a rapid therapeutic response and good tolerability.
  • OCTOCIL is administered usually once .
  • OCTOCIL Even after the advent of packaging a long shelf life (5 years) .
  • After successful treatment with OCTOCIL should subsequently agreed weeks DIPL ORAL be added to the aquarium water of fish previously treated to ensure quick compensation of the missing minerals in the body of the fish.